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Capable is a community dedicated to disability and illness narrative and art.

Our Story

What We Do

What We Are Not

We started with a group chat on what to do about "being sick" but we grew as we realized all lives are touched by disability and illness in some way. We saw such shame in our writing workshops around disability and illness. Women were confessing to health problems that were not their fault as if they were their fault, and we found instructors stigmatizing and even being downright mean about our conditions. We started Capable for ourselves.


We believed in the power of narrative to create empathy, awareness, insight, and understanding.

We publish, exclusively, stories on disability and illness. We take all kinds of offbeat pitches from musicals and songs to visi poems and museum pieces. 

We are not assholes. Please be kind to yourself and others in your submissions. We are not a lifestyle brand or an inspirational story archive. Yes, our stories are inspirational, but that's because they tell the truth about a largely hidden experience. 

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