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Michelle Renee Hoppe, Founder and Creative Director


Michelle Renee Hoppe grew up in Japan. She studied English at Brigham Young University, where she edited two literary publications and ran a nonprofit. Her work can be found in South 85 JournalHoneySuckle Magazine, Helen Literary Magazine, Leading Edge, and others.


She works with schools and nonprofits around the globe, from Riker's Island to South Korea, to help provide excellent creative writing and English language curriculum. She was a proud NYC Teaching fellow. She is an MA in TESOL candidate at The New School, where she is a Dean's Merit Scholar.

Ask Michelle about her time as a dancer for Disney.


To continue to publish honest and literary works by emerging and established authors.

To pay them. 

To pay ourselves.

To promote literary and arts stories of disability and illness across barriers.

— Team


Tallulah Woitach was already editing the manuscripts of NYU professors when she joined Capable Magazine. An editorial savant, Tallulah is the one behind the line edits in every piece of Capable. She takes care of the nitty-gritty, and we love her for it. She is at Bard on a hefty merit scholarship.

Hear and see Tallulah at The Moth. Read her Dating While Disabled Taboo for Many Teen Girls, which she wrote at the age of sixteen.

Tallulah teaches classes and takes editing projects in creative writing based on her availability.

Tallulah Woitach, 


Poetry Editor: Ryn Richmond


Ryn is a Midwestern gal living in the Pacific. She's a former teacher, a publishing graduate, and a lifelong reader and writer. Her articles have been published in Twin Cities Geek magazine and Books & Quills Magazine. Her poetry can be found in several charity anthologies, including The Longest Night Watch Volume 2: A Charity Anthology for the Alzheimer’s Association, Pride Park: An Anthology to Support LGBT Freedom and Invisible: The Mystery of Hidden Illness.  She enjoys reading basically everything; cooking and baking; playing board games and spending time with her family and her cat. Her fandom can adequately be described as telepathic animals.

Prose Editor: Olivia (Liv) Chen

Olivia was born, raised, and educated in the Midwest, and has lived in South Carolina, Colorado, Connecticut, and Texas. At her day job she coordinates loans for a nonprofit lender, but her passion is (and always has been) writing, especially fiction. Between unfinished novels, Olivia has published work in Catapult, The Write Launch, Medium's Noteworthy, and other online publications. Her favorite authors include Khaled Hosseini, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Amy Tan.

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