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Contemplating an End

by Fabrice Poussin

Euphoria races through the collapsing body

mountain made of rock from faraway galaxies

harvest rich with the delights of another dawn

fibers teased by the gentle finger of infinity.

Intertwined in a singular embrace

we watch the shroud of the last aurora borealis

anxiously awaiting another stage on the journey

from eons we never knew to a great revelation.

It will be but a moment of expanding joy

energy free at last to play never-ending games

the annihilation feared for centuries yet

when our frail existence will gleefully vanish.

As in an act of passionate love with the cosmos

crushed by the mass of all dimensions

you and I will lie on a bed invisible to time

to savor our complete submission to what began.

One as meant to be within the fibers of eternity

our stories entangled with all that ever were

we will delight in the warm oblivion gifted us

safe within the warmth of the original particle.

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